OAC is an expert in licensing your inventions.  We maintain active partnerships with leading technology companies and consortiums. Our Strategic Partnerships allow us to expand the services available to our clients on a real time basis.

OAC Associates maintain ultra fresh domain knowledge and personal relationships throughout the industry in order to remain at the forefront of their respective areas of expertise. Our Licensing Partnerships allow us to offer clients turn-key technology solutions and connectivity with all of the key players.

Licensing Technology Partnerships Present & Past:

   •  Analog & Digital Audio Distribution

   •  Vibro-tactile Transducers

   •  Digital Music Server Software and GUI Development

   •  Medical Alert Systems

   •  Installed Smartphone Mounting Systems

   •  Bass Augmentation

   •  Premium Music and Movie Streaming services

   •  Dynamic Range Processors

   •  Surround Sound Technology


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Experts at putting businesses on the fast track

With our team having successfully completed over 200 consulting engagements, you'll feel confident in our knowledge, insight, resources and unique ability to step-in wholeheartedly to assist you and your company. The OAC Group will strengthen your systems, accelerate the success of your business and increase its equity expeditiously, and with ease.

Running a business can be quite overwhelming, even for the most talented and competent leaders, when the right people, products, marketing tactics and systems are not in place. For over three decades, OAC’s savvy, multi-faceted leadership team has been guiding companies to set goals, facilitate actions, and fast-track change, all with one objective – to hit the target!

We have a wide range of contacts across international & national channels, distribution, sales rep firms and support companies. Extensively consulted in the following industries:

Consumer Electronics  •  Pro AV  •  Music Entertainment
Outdoor Leisure  •  Home Builder









A partial list of past and present clients.